Monday, April 27, 2009

New Advertising Prices

BillyTheBillboard is ready to advertise for your company or website. I am having a sale on advertising right now.

Get a 6'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on my Chest for $ 3,000.00 Thats a lifetime advertisement. The price of getting the tattoo is included in that.

Get a 4'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on my chest for $2,200.00.

Get a 6'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on my arm for $3,000.00

Get a 6'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on the back of my head for $12,000
Get a 6'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on my forehead for $20,000
Get a tattoo on my cheek for $15,000
If you are interested in tattoo advertising on me feel free to contact me anytime. Lets work something out. I currently have 6 tattoo advertisement on my body with 1 that will be done very soon. I am looking for more companies to advertise on me. Let me be your company or websites billboard.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Advertise On BillyTheHumanBillboard

My name is Billy Gibby I also go by the name BillyTheBillboard. You might be wondering why I go by that name. The reason I go by that name is I am turning myself into a human billboard. Thats right I am having companies advertise on me in the form of permenent tattoo advertisements. I currently have 6 Companies that Tattoo advertise on me. 5 of them are websites on the internet. I am looking to become the most tattoo advertised on person in the world. I should soon have the Guiness World Record for most area of ones body covered in tattoo advertisements.

Here is a Bio on myself it tells the story of my life. It also tells how I got involved in tattoo advertising .
I was born on October 24th, 1980 to my mother who almost bled to death while bringing me into this world. This is something that has stayed with me to this very day. My parents were divorc ed and my mother tried very hard to make a suitable life for her son. I was brought up with less than most other kids had and at the time this was very hard for me to swallow. I was often on the outside of the other children and their conversations about all the good food they were eating, while I found myself elated by macaroni and cheese, if I was so lucky. In retrospect, I am happy to have had what we had as I know, now, m any people have much less. As a kid being made fun of for clothes with holes in them, this notion did not quite kick in. Living with my mother and not having many friends, truly made time with my dad the highlight of my weeks. I will never forget the first time we watched Rocky. From that moment on that became my favorite movie and still is to this very day. Whenever kids would make fun of me or give me a hard time, I would turn to Rocky. And although I knew he was not real, I knew one day I would be like Rocky. Living with my mother in a one-bedroom apartment was rough at times. My mother had a lot of health problems and couldn’t work. We did our best being on welfare and using food stamps. At one point she tried to work at McDonald’s and since there was no babysitter available, I found myself in a day care center in Pittsburgh, California. Being the youngest and only white kid, I also found myself quickly introduced to racism. This was an extremely, hard time for me but it thickened my skin and built up my stand against intolerance. The next step to thickening my skin was the day my father taught me to box. From that day on things changed for me. I no longer allowed myself to be bullied and now I had an outlet for the emotions and anger I had stored in my life. In order to focus more on boxing I moved to Anchorage, Alaska with my father. I got my GED and focused on being as fit as Rocky. Mimicking Rocky 4 , I would run miles in the deep Alaskan snows. Always keeping my mother’s poor health in mind, I volunteered my free time at the Heart Association and the Humane Society. I became increasingly aware of how short and fragile life is and to the reality that we may not wake up tomorrow. I stick to the attitude of doing as much as we can with our time here. My goal is to live a life full of helping others, one that I will proud to look back on. All of this thinking pushed me to donate as much blood as I could and have since donated 20 gallons. Getting involved with donating blood lead me to discover how many people are on a waiting list for organ donations. I also learned about living organ donation and decided it was something I wanted to do. I had a friend in California that needed a kidney transplant but I didn’t have the means to get there or pay for my medical treatments. This is when my entrepreneur skills came too. I saw a boxer with a tattoo on his back for I offered to get a permanent tattoo of that same company by the time of my next fight. This have me enough money to trave l to California and pay my bills for the successful transplant. Shortly after the transplant, in fact maybe too short after, I ran a 5k and won. I was proud of this accomplishment but what made that moment so important was when someone approached me after the race and told me I was their hero for donating a kidney and winning the race so soon after.Since that experience, I have been working hard, boxing and spending time with my girlfriend Mae and children. When I have found myself tight on money for Christmas presents or birthdays for any of my four kids, I have used my method of tattooing advertisements to make extra money. I have made it a personal goal of mine to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for most tattoo advertisements. It is my hope to use the attention I get for these advertisements to draw attention to the need for people to sign up to be donors. I hate to see people die on the waiting list for organ donations when there are so many people out there that can help. I hope to lead the path and donate a part of my liver to a friend with chriosis. This summer I will be traveling to undergo tests to be a living donor for him.

The Companies or Websites I currently have tattoo advertising for are:
The 6th company is an Alaskan owned and operated bar and nightclub known to the locals as Koots, but known to the rest of the world as The World Famous Chilkoot Charlies.
Chilkoot Charlies also happens to be the best nightclub I have ever been to I am excited to be advertising for them. Here is a link to their website.
If you are a company that is interested in Tattoo advertising on me please go to
or you can email me as well. My email adress is or there are lots of areas on my body still available for advertising. My forehead, cheeks, ears, top of head, back of the head, chest, legs and several other areas.

I look forward for the chance to advertise for your company and becoming the ultimate human billboard.