Monday, April 27, 2009

New Advertising Prices

BillyTheBillboard is ready to advertise for your company or website. I am having a sale on advertising right now.

Get a 6'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on my Chest for $ 3,000.00 Thats a lifetime advertisement. The price of getting the tattoo is included in that.

Get a 4'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on my chest for $2,200.00.

Get a 6'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on my arm for $3,000.00

Get a 6'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on the back of my head for $12,000
Get a 6'' by 1'' tattoo advertisement on my forehead for $20,000
Get a tattoo on my cheek for $15,000
If you are interested in tattoo advertising on me feel free to contact me anytime. Lets work something out. I currently have 6 tattoo advertisement on my body with 1 that will be done very soon. I am looking for more companies to advertise on me. Let me be your company or websites billboard.


  1. Billy,

    Since you seem like a pretty thin guy, I am assuming after so many ads you are going to run out of space to put them all. It looks like it may happen fairly quickly actually. Since these are lifetime ads with a flat fee upfront - what is your plan in the future to earn an income?

  2. You should raise your prices

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  4. wow that's very creative idea make your body as billboard for website name

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  6. will pay you for an ad spot on your neck. Email me at

    1. What about me would u pay me for advertisement

  7. How do i get ads on me for money??